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      Getting Your Voice Into the World

      Why Hire a Podcast Editor?

      So when you’re recording your podcast, you can say “Hey Chris – edit that part out!”

      Play the audio above to hear my clients in their own words asking me to edit, remove, or add things in to their podcast without having to make a note, or remember to go back and do it themselves.

      I Get to Work with Some Amazing People

      Community X Capital

      Alexis Ohanian & Michael Sidgmore have regular conversations about the world of startups and financial news at the intersection of community and capital.

      Brand Design Masters podcast artwork

      Brand Design Masters

      Brand Design Masters is an interview show with creative professionals who are on the journey of building their own brand.

      The Office Hours Interview

      This podcast is an interview-based format that is created and curated for busy people that are looking for the best marketing tips, cultural analysis, and music.

      Alt Goes Mainstream podcast artwork

      Alt Goes Mainstream

      Alt Goes Mainstream is hosted by Michael Sidgmore that talks with guests about the latest developments in the alternative investments space.

      Testimonials From Some of Those Amazing People

      Alexis Ohanian

      Alexis Ohanian

      Chris makes sure every episode of com x cap hits flawlessly and he's been a vital part of my podcasting work since the first episode of Business Dad.

      Ali Spittel

      Ali Spittel

      I could not do my job without Chris. He manages editing independently and flawlessly.

      Chris Coyier

      Chris Coyier

      He makes it all work, while bringing new ideas and enthusiasm to the process.

      Matt McGee of Homelight

      Matt McGee of Homelight

      Chris makes my podcast sound way better than it should, and he takes a lot of pressure off me as the host / interviewer / writer.

      Services I Provide

      Editing & Production

      I love editing and producing podcasts. Probably more than you do even. Which is why you should hire me — I’ll take care of it so you can work on the things you love to do.

      Launching a Podcast

      I think podcasting is a vastly under-utilized medium for businesses and individuals. I’d love to help you get started with podcasting.

      Consulting & Idea Coming Up’ing

      If you’re just starting out and not even sure if you need podcast editing help, or maybe you’re looking for some equipment to buy, troubleshoot issues with Apple Podcasts, or just want someone to bounce a podcast idea off of, I can help you get unstuck.

      Next Steps

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